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Connecting Words from Around the World

Your company’s translation needs might be complex. They might involve multiple languages, legal, financial and technical documents, and pressing deadlines. Throw in concerns about price and quality of the translation work, and you might feel the sharp challenge of getting your translation needs fulfilled. But for every one of those needs and more, we have a confident, capable answer: VERTAAL translation services.

No matter the technical complexity or document depth of your translation task, VERTAAL has the team of brilliantly fluent translators and industry specialists who pride themselves on defying deadlines while supplying you with work of the utmost quality. If your translation projects have been a pain in the past, we offer the perfect painkillers. If you’ve been unsatisfied with the quality, speed or management of your past translation projects, we’re here to give you satisfaction.

Our primary services center upon the prevalent business languages of the Middle East—English, French and Arabic—but we provide our services to clients internationally and cater to many other languages upon request.


As mentioned above, we work well with any language projects, but we specialize in translating English to Arabic and Arabic to English, including technical, legal and business documents. We are also pleased to offer the spectrum of translation services in French as well.

Our experts provide translation services across this spectrum:

  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Real Estate Translation
  • General Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Software Localization
  • Multimedia Translation
  • Insurance Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Education Translation
  • Subtitling


Do you need marketing materials with a persuasive spark? VERTAAL’s copywriters can bend an effective headline that pulls the attention of your audience. Whether it’s a press release, case study, whitepaper or other piece of marketing collateral, our copywriters have the language smarts to connect your products and services with responsive customers.

Copy Typing (Data Entry)

Pressed for time, but have a backlog of information you need entered electronically? Our data entry professionals are swift, accurate and efficient, and can make short work of getting your data in good order.


If your marketing materials are riddled with grammatical or typographical errors, that can stop a sale in its tracks. Clean, sound copy is the way to inspire confidence in your customers. Ensure your credibility in all of your documents—marketing or otherwise—by letting our experienced proofreaders tidy them up first.


Good editors are proofreaders’ senior cousins—they are trained not simply to see spelling and grammar errors, but are able to review the whole of a document for its structure, logic and flow. Our editors are masters of what a document needs, and what it doesn’t, and how ideas are built from start to compelling conclusion.


If your document requirements are for the copying of content from one medium to another, let VERTAAL’s transcriptionists secure your copy for maximum effect. For instance, if you have a speech, interview or other audio recording, our transcription team will accurately render it into the software file format that fits your needs. We work with multiple formats and software options.

Desktop Publishing

Whether you need specific page-layout skills for book and article publishing, or the full array of graphics production for newsletters, brochures and other marketing collateral, our skilled graphic artists are at your service. We’re fully capable of the latest in electronic publishing advances as well.