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Project Process and Methodology

Part of the reason we have satisfied clients and consistently strong results is that we employ a uniform, dependable methodology to our projects, start to finish. All of the steps are designed to fluidly move your work through systematic stages to its successful conclusion. Here is our approach:

Step 1: Job Request

You contact VERTAAL and submit relevant details about your project. You will receive our confirmation that we’ve accepted the project, accompanied by a milestone timeframe for its completion. Of course, any questions that occur to you at this stage will be happily addressed.

Step 2: Planning

You are appointed an industry-specific account manager to oversee the process and keep your project on schedule. The manager chooses the team of linguists to ensure that they have all of the specialized knowledge that the project may require.

Step 3: Translation (Middle East out to the World)

Your account manager will work closely with you and the translators to clarify and resolve any issues that may arise during execution. To promote the highest degree of accuracy, the manager and translator will ensure that existing Translation Memory is made available, along with your glossaries and reference material.

Step 4: Editing

An editor for each required translation language will check for accuracy and consistency. The editors will ensure that the documents are complete, visually correct, and consistent across all designs and styles so that they match the original format. Editors will mandate that any customized or last-minute translation requests are addressed and settled.

Step 5: Proofreading

The lawyers at VERTAAL supply you with an additional line of accuracy and verification: they review all translations to check the readability, consistency, style and suitability for the culture of the targeted country or region.

Step 6: Delivery

After the translation has met our utmost standards of accuracy and quality, it is then delivered to you in any form that you request.

We do not rest until you are satisfied and pleased with the work.