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Our Team

We pride ourselves in addressing the specific needs of our clients, both in our technical translation abilities and in our project and communication processes. Thus, your assigned account manager will be chosen based on expertise native to your industry. That manager is the linchpin of the project process—his hands-on management of every aspect of your account ensures the delivery of all milestones: on time, no hassles, no headache.

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Language translation is much more than literal word-for-word work, of course. Our linguistic experts understand nuance, cultural shadings and the subtleties of expression, and they bring that shrewd and practiced understanding to all of our translation endeavors. Your account manager will select the team with the sharpest industry-specific skills to answer your project demands. Upon satisfactory translation completion—based on exacting cross-checking and approvals—the documents move to our editorial team.

Our editors are country/culture specific, so that there is native localization for superb results. Our editors are sensitive to the differences in regional dialects and idioms, and all translation efforts are directed toward the precise translation according to the letter of regional variances.

Account Managers

On-target meeting of your deadlines and crisply clear communications are the mainstays of our account managers. They shepherd your project from its infancy to its successful completion, answering all questions and concerns along the way. You will clearly know the price and scope of your project, and will be fully informed of its beginning-to-end path through our system by way of the capable hands of your account manager.


Our translators scrupulously vet your materials, bringing systematized translation efforts to the process. We assign two translators per project to safeguard that the work is error-free. Translations are cross-checked against related works for language precision. Nothing is lost in translation.


Our editors will scour your documents from header to footer to check the translational accuracy, readability, consistency, style and suitability to the culture of the target countries and regions. These editorial eyes are trained to spot any errant expression.


The last—and unsparingly capable—line of document defense: Our proofreaders apply the finishing shine to all documents, ensuring that syntax, grammar and spelling are to the letter.


If your project demands legal documents (such as Articles of Association, Prospectuses and By-Laws), we have a group of accomplished lawyers who closely review our document translations, after their editing and proofreading. Our legal team is well versed in the legal strictures and statutes (and cultural concepts) of the target language regions. They ensure that the translations provide the exact meaning of the original document as well as confirming that all text makes legal sense.